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02 Oct 2018

Top 5 Tips for a Great New Zealand Road Trip!

Great New Zealand Road Trip



Planning on going on a road trip this Summer? Of course you are! It's a long treasured kiwi tradition! With summer right around the corner we thought we would help you with 5 tips to prepare your car before you to head off to adventure.


1) Check your oil

You do not want to be caught out on this one. Check your oil levels before going on a long drive, You don’t want to run a car with no or little oil. It will blow up.


2) Check Tires

Make sure your tire pressure is correct, you can Google the make and model of your car for the correct pressure. Lucky most petrol stations have an air compressor where you can fill your tires. Nice and easy.



3) Air conditioning

Want to be a sweaty mess during your trip? Didn’t think so, it’s awful. Make sure your air con is working, if it doesn’t get as cold as it used to you may need to re gas it.


4) Check your breaks

Turn your radio off and listen when you break the next time you drive, if you can hear them squeal, you may want to get book them in to replace them.


5) Music!

Now, for the last and most important thing to prep before your trip, get your music playlists uptodate! Download all the singalong classics!



Follow these tips and you will have a great safe trip!


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